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Pref off bug 1074561 and disallow unsandboxed media plugins by default


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We're having some second thoughts about bug 1074561, which allowed Linux systems without seccomp-bpf support to run OpenH264 (or, more generally, non-EME media plugins) unsandboxed.  Specifically, it means that if a security vulnerability is found in OpenH264 (e.g., CVE-2014-8001 / CVE-2014-8002) and we need to rate its severity with respect to Firefox, we can depend on the fact that it's sandboxed… except on a few percent of Linux desktops (i.e., perhaps one in a thousand Firefoxes).

The current plan is to disable that by default, but allow a sufficiently advanced user to override it.  A pref in about:config to select whether sandboxing is required or best-effort (sandboxed if supported, run without sandboxing otherwise), and defaulting to required, should be enough.
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This disables by default the part of bug 1074561 that allows unsandboxed media plugins; the check for unsandboxed CDMs is left unchanged, meaning that they are disallowed regardless of this pref (as mentioned in a code comment and the commit message).

I've tested this locally — I don't know if there's a good way to run tests that require starting Gecko with non-default prefs? — and pushed to try:
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Here's a thought: BSDs or non-i386/non-x86-64 don't have MOZ_GMP_SANDBOX enabled. Yet they can't benefit from this pref.
(In reply to Mike Hommey [:glandium] from comment #5)
> Here's a thought: BSDs or non-i386/non-x86-64 don't have MOZ_GMP_SANDBOX
> enabled. Yet they can't benefit from this pref.

That's a good point.  The question of whether OpenH264 (or clearkey EME) should be allowed on --disable-gmp-sandbox platforms belongs to the WebRTC module owner, I think?

One complication is that the MOZ_DISABLE_GMP_SANDBOX env var should also disable the requirement of sandboxing — it wouldn't be very useful otherwise — so this would need to distinguish:

1. not available on platform (deny?)
2. available but disabled by user (allow)
3. available on platform but not on this particular system (deny)
4. usable (allow)

Currently cases 1 and 2 are conflated (and, by comparison, Windows and Mac OS X don't have to deal with case 3 or case 1).
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Seems straightforward, unless I'm missing something:

1. Platform or system that doesn't support sandboxing (BSD, etc):
   Default: disallow GMP (all)
   pref set: allow unsandboxed GMP/OpenH264 (but not CDMs)
2. Platform/system does allow sandboxing:
   Allow GMP (all)
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