border-image with border-width but no border-style shows no border and has computed border-width of 0




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Steps to reproduce:

Open attached html file in firefox.

Actual results:

Border image is not displayed at all.

Expected results:

Border image should have been displayed on left border of div#paper. (check in chrome).

This used to work in firefox in 2010. I know because it's an example from a book written in 2010 and author doesn't mention any problems in firefox.

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Don't know whether this is a bug with us or with Chrome. bug 759996 may be relevant.

Boris, do you know what the latest on the spec is here?

(FWIW, I've not checked if/when this regressed)
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Summary: border-image does not work. Same example worked in 2010 and works in chrome today. → border-image with border-width but no border-style shows no border and has computed border-width of 0
It's a bug in Chrome.  See

The spec says (<>):

  The border-image properties do not affect layout: layout of the box, its content, and
  surrounding content is based on the ‘border-width’ and ‘border-style’ properties only.

so in the attached testcases the border width is 0 (due to the "border-style: none"; this part has been true all along without border-image involved) and hence the image is invisible.

> This used to work in firefox in 2010.

An early draft of the border-image spec had it overriding border-style and border-width values.  The spec changed to the current behavior in mid-2009, and we implemented those spec changes in Firefox 15, which shipped in August 2012, at which point we dropped the "-moz" prefix.  See bug 497995.

If a book written in 2010 was ignoring spec updates made in 2009, then that's really a problem with the book...
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