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3 years ago
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(Reporter: Emma Irwin, Assigned: mkohler)





3 years ago
Council would like to promote the number of years someone has been a part of the Reps program as 

1) Part of their profile
2) Potentially on the front-page of the Reps Portal as a celebration (and way to recognize longer-term commitment to the project.  Adding Regnard to see what that could look like from a design approach.

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3 years ago
Thanks for adding me, Emma. :)

I want to take a look at 3 examples of the "Member since <date>" info for the profile page.

1. Twitter (example: https://twitter.com/regnard) - This is not prominent visually, but it is one of few items that Twitter includes. From the looks of it, Twitter does include it to show the credibility and legitimacy of the profile (vs. fake or newly-created ones).

2. Github (example: https://github.com/regnard) - treatment is very similar to Twitter, wherein the visual treatment is nothing major, it follows the page's style, but is placed in a key place. Again, I think it is there as a credibility-building info bit.

3. Yelp (example: http://www.yelp.ca/user_details?userid=ms5B9AiJ0ZHJCcV8DqGlEQ) -  This is not as prominent as the previous two sites, with the member join date situated in the lower portion of the page. 

From our quick scan of these sites, we can probably say that the member join date may be just displayed as text label/info on the Reps profile page, BUT its placement on the Reps page would ultimately depend on how much prominence we would highlight the info. 

Just a question though: The sites use the Member join date as a way to build credibility, but at the same time, it poses the risk of diminishing new Reps (ie, is a Rep who has been a member better than a Rep that has been around for 6 months?)

I will write a follow-up for the home page. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!
Group: mozilla-reps-admins

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3 months ago
I'm working on something for this, stay tuned (will not use the portal though, thinking of doing a Telegram bot).
Assignee: nobody → me
It will be cool probably also a tweet automatically on Mozilla Reps account.


3 months ago
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3 months ago
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