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Add rewind, fast-forward and set current time to the animation inspector panel


(DevTools :: Inspector: Animations, defect)

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The animation inspector panel in the inspector sidebar only allows to play/pause animations for now.

When bug 1110762 and bug 1120339 land, we will have what it takes to add:

- rewind and fast-forward buttons,
- the ability to drag/drop the timeline to set the time,
- a playback rate selection menu (with entries such as 0.1x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x).
Blocks: 985861
Depends on: 1110762, 1120339
Blocks: 1120900
Assignee: nobody → pbrosset
Let's make this bug solely about making animations' currentTime settable through the animation inspector.
I'll file another bug for the playback rate.
No longer depends on: 1120339
Summary: Add rewind, fast-forward, playback rate selection and set current time to the animation inspector panel → Add rewind, fast-forward and set current time to the animation inspector panel
/r/5585 - Bug 1120343 - 1 - Allow setting animations' currentTime by clicking/dragging the timeline
/r/5587 - Bug 1120343 - 2 - Add rewind and fast-forward buttons to animation player widgets
/r/5589 - Bug 1120343 - 3 - Tests for the current time control in the animation panel

Pull down these commits:

hg pull review -r 7545a8a1d725f98aa0cdb3ea64f6417f86e012ea
Attachment #8579286 - Flags: review?(mratcliffe)
In patch part 3, on top of adding tests for this new feature, I have:
- moved 2 generic enough frame-script listeners to browser/devtools/shared/frame-script-utils.js (which is our common devtools frame-script),
- gotten rid of CPOWs altogether by removing the getNode function from head.js, and instead, passing selectors to the frame script message listeners when needed.
Also, I have no ideas why reviewboard considers part 3 as discarded ... What happened was I pushed to reviewboard once, realized I missed something, so I discarded the whole review (not just one part, I think), and then pushed again with the changes.
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MozReview Request: bz://1120343/pbrosset

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Component: Developer Tools: Inspector → Developer Tools: Animation Inspector
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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