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switch in-tree update server/certs to


(Firefox :: Settings UI, defect)

Not set



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We're shipping to the release channel via server side redirects initially, but we should adjust the in tree urls/certs to point directly at aus4 for the future.
I'll be looking to land this on central through release. ESR will be left alone for now - it won't be switching at the same time as release.
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Thunderbird is a bit different. The traffic rule we're using to redirect traffic matches /release/, so Thunderbird's release channel *will* be affected despite shipping off of comm-esr31. So, I plan to land this patch to all of the places.
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remove aus3 from firefox

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remove aus3 from thunderbird

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a=Standard8 for landing wherever you need to once the trees reopen after the merges.
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remove aus3 from firefox

Asking for approval for this in advance -- I'd like to land it on aurora+beta to make sure the next jump of the trains gets it everywhere except esr31.

I explicitly don't want to backport to mozilla-release because it's risk (albeit small) for no gain. I'm also not planning to backport to esr31 - we can just use the redirect there until it dies.
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remove aus3 from firefox

Beta+ Aurora+ \o/
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This is landed everywhere except mozilla-esr31. I don't think I'll bother switching the in-tree certs there - that branch can ride out using the aus3 -> aus4 redirect until it dies.
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