Resurrect the official "support for seamonkey" document on



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Please find and resurrect the seamonkey transition official notice document

from IRC (trimmed for brevity):

[16:46:50]	=-=	Topic for #webdev was set by fox2mike on Monday, August 19, 2013 5:57:25 PM
[16:47:13]	Callek	hey everyone, I'm *really* looking for the new home of the page as was mentioned in
[16:47:42]	Callek	yes I know its old, but its something I routinely have to come back to occassionally as a point of reference for SeaMonkey within the Mozilla umbrella
[16:47:43]	mythmon	Callek: 2005 was... a long time ago.
[16:48:43]	pmac	Callek: hmm... I'll see if I can find a reference or a bug. We've been archiving, porting, deleting things from the old site at a decent clip for the last couple years
[16:48:57]	pmac	this may have been an oversight
[16:49:17]	Callek	pmac: yea, I know lots of stuff was moved around, and my actual searches online can only find quotes in news articles, not our official site/page
[16:49:35]	Callek	pmac: which is why I'm saddened. I suspect we should not remove it outright and have it somewhere
[16:49:42]	pmac	agreed
[16:49:48]	Callek	would also posit we should have a kept-301 for that m.o url
[16:49:50]	pmac	it's in SVN somewhere at the least
[16:49:57]	pmac	yes
[16:49:58]	Callek	yea, I know its in <some RCS>
[16:50:00]	pmac	that's our standard
[16:50:09]	Callek	just if its on the live site or not is what I'm hoping to find out
[16:50:10]	pmac	must have just gotten missed somehow
[16:50:19]	pmac	looks
[16:50:33]	Callek	I wouldn't be shocked if someone overlooked it as a "seamonkey, is dead we don't host seamonkey stuff on" as a skim oversight
[16:50:57]	Callek	(which is true, except for teh few cases where it wasn't --- one of those uses cases I was told explicitly was being removed, but thats ok)
[16:52:39]	pmac	there is still seamonkey stuff on the site I believe
[16:52:48]	pmac	at least some mentions
[16:54:51]	Callek	pmac: oo I know for sure, pages like trademark lists, and projects, etc. still mention seamonkey
[16:54:58]	Callek	(after all mozilla owns the trademark for SeaMonkey
[17:04:05]	pmac	Callek: would you mind filing a bug about this? seems it's not going to be a quick simple fix
[17:04:22]	pmac	I've been unable to locate any history of this file in svn so far
[17:04:24]	Callek	pmac: sure, product::component
[17:04:42]	Callek	pmac: recall it was on (which used to be cvs, iirc and not which was svn)
[17:05:03]	Callek	so yea, its "fun" since this predates the com/org merge of mozilla's website
[17:05:52]	pmac	Callek:
[17:05:59]	Callek	[not certain if it survived the org/com merge]
[17:06:01]	pmac	Callek: that's likely the issue
[17:06:19]	pmac	it must have been removed prior to the org repo moving to SVN
[17:06:42]	pmac	and me going spelunking in CVS may take a while (having never used it)

Comment 1

4 years ago
apparantly I somehow missed in my searches the result of:

so it does exist 'somewhere'
Hi Callek-

Would it be OK if we added a redirect from to


Comment 3

4 years ago
(In reply to Jennifer Bertsch [:jbertsch] from comment #2)
> Hi Callek-
> Would it be OK if we added a redirect from
> to 
> Thanks,
> Jen

That is better than current, my only concern there was that I was under the impression that www-archive merely existed as a dumping ground while things got moved over to proper (things that were still relevant that is).

If that is true I'd rather this be moved over, if its not true, then I'd love a clarification on what www-archive is meant to be going forward (say over the next 5-10 years)

I've discussed some more with others and we feel it's fine where it is. We could fairly easily port it if the links need updating or the content might change ever, but it sounds like it won't. Another option is to move the content to wiki.m.o. Again this is likely not the best since it shouldn't change. I've been told that the archive will not go away for the foreseeable future, and now that we have this redirect in place even if we do have to decommission it we'll know that at least this page needs to be kept.

I hope this is sufficient. I've submitted the PR above for the redirect and should have it in production very soon.
Assignee: nobody → pmac

Comment 6

4 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Fix bug 1120658: Add redirect for seamonkey transition doc.
Merge pull request #2648 from pmclanahan/redirect-to-seamonkey-transition-1120658

Fix bug 1120658: Add redirect for seamonkey transition doc.


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This is live on the production site.
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