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3 years ago
When the language is selected on the first screen, we can make a few reasonably good guesses for default location on the Date & Time screen. After indicating that I'm Afrikaans, it is a bit strange that the default is not set to Africa/Johannesburg by default (where I guess 99% of the users will be). Something similar is probably true for many locales, even if not for most users.

This is a part of the experience for South Africans specifically is not ideal, since the number of cities in Africa is huge, and it is never obvious for people here if they should search for their local town, big city close-by, or one of the three capitals of the country (the right answer is none of them!) South Africans don't really discuss timezones - the country is in one zone, and we don't have DST, so people don't have a great familiarity with the whole topic.

We could hard-code a few obvious ones, or we could add this to the localisation files. The code should handle localised values not on the list in a sane way, so that a mistake by the localiser doesn't cause a problem.


3 years ago
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a year ago
Closing since the product was canned.
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