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[tracking][af] Linguistic issues in Firefox OS



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3 years ago
11 months ago


(Reporter: Friedel Wolff, Assigned: Friedel Wolff)


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3 years ago
This is a placeholder bug for issues of terminology, wording, style, etc. in Firefox OS for Afrikaans (af). I will probably only add brief high-level things here, while we handle specific strings, comments, review, etc. in Pootle or in direct communication.


3 years ago
Blocks: 1121352

Comment 1

3 years ago
This is just for tracking. If discussion is necessary we should probably have the discussion elsewhere, in Afrikaans, and individual strings should probably be handled as suggestions in Pootle.

 - Date formatting. Looks like date selection (Settings, Calendar) is a problem for 2.0, so we might need to compromise. This one is difficult because of the different order between the short format and long format in Afrikaans might create a confusing effect in the UX. I don't know why the UI uses the short format for the widget when using the long format names.

 - Abbreviate or not for short day and month names

 - Time formating. 24 hour format with leading 0. Gaia 2.0 looks fine, 2.1 not, master not, screenshots not.

 - The file size units should be GB->GG, MB->MG, KB->kG (KG is maybe acceptable), B->G.

 - Consistent encoding of _'n_. I don't know if bug 1121355 will receive attention in time for 2.0

 - "Mobiele netwerk" -> selfoonnetwerk / sellulêre netwerk, mobiele foon -> selfoon

 - Luier. Geen vuil doeke nie, asb.

 - Alarm vs. Wekker. Consistency needed in some direction.

 - Alarm reminder texts need complete rework. "5 minute voor" is ambiguous. Maybe "5 minute vooraf" 

 - "Onthounota" -> "Herinnering". Any reason against?

 - "Tik" (for Tap) looks problematic (confusable with typing), also with NFC in newer phones.

 - Markplek -> Mark

 - Klok -> Can somebody shed some light on this choice? Why not "Horlosie"?

 - SIM -> SIM-kaart

 - Capitalisation (or not) of "Web" (mostly in web and marketting documents)

 - Search hint (top of the screen) is very visible. I think "Soek of tik adres" is better than "Soek vir adres of voer een in", or even "Tik adres of soek". We need to review translations of "enter". Apart from this very visible string it is probably not very important.

 - The ringtone translations. Hard, probably not very important now.

Comment 2

3 years ago
 - operateur vs draer vs verskaffer vs netwerk

 - ruimte vs stoorruimte vs berging vs stoorplek

 - aflaaie vs aflaaisels vs afgelaai

 - gebruik vs krediet vs geld vs lugtyd

 - kragbespaarmodus -> kragbesparing

 - bluetooth -> Bluetooth

Comment 3

3 years ago
 - gebruikersnaam -> gebruikernaam

 - slim-versameling(s) -> slim versameling(s)

 - Tik daarop -  waarop? dalk hierop?

 - swerwing -> swerf (waar gepas)

 - PIN -> PIN-kode (waar gepas)

 - weerhoude nommer -> onbekende nommer

 - Battery is leeg -> Battery is pap

Comment 4

3 years ago
 - lokale -> plaaslike (or is length an issue?)

 - Forms of address and personal pronouns. Here the style is often quite word-for-word similar to the English. I'm not sure if there is time to review everything here. I realise this happened because of stylistic choices upfront that weren't discussed/coordinated.

Comment 5

3 years ago
I've commented on some issues from the community testing event or as I encountered them afterwards. Not absolutely all of them will need to be changed, but I believe they should all be considered. Most of these span several strings. Most issues that were (I believe) more straight forward or affected only one or two strings were entered as suggestions directly in Pootle.

Devon, Ian, I understood you wanted to review my suggested changes. Can you review the suggestions in Pootle, as well as these in this bug? Please let me know what timelines are possible. I think we need to finish quite quickly with these so that we can get it into Gaia for another round of community testing. Without these changes committed, it is pretty hard to get this to people for testing. I'd like to review all suggestions fairly soonish, since my schedule will get quite tight from here on.

For the issues mentioned in this bug, or in any cases where you have counter-proposals to what I entered in Pootle, just add another suggestion in Pootle. For most of the issues in this bug I have not yet done the search/replace on Pootle.

If required, I'd prefer to have discussions directly over email in Afrikaans rather than here, or alternatively on the Afrikaans FOSS mailing list

Comment 6

3 years ago
Created attachment 8557039 [details]
updated - Linguistic issues in Firefox OS.docx

Hello Friedel,

We have accepted all your suggestions and made the necessary changes to Pootle.  I have attached a word document with comments to the linguistic issues you have identified.

Regarding discussions in Afrikaans, our preference is for you (and other community translators) to send your review comments in Word files directly to me. I will ensure the suggestions get forwarded to the relevant translators for comment. This will also allow me to raise bugs/suggestions for other components if needed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Comment 7

11 months ago
Closing since the product was canned.
Last Resolved: 11 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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