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Implement module for handling events


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This bug is similar to bug 1121691 but for events. The requirements would be nearly the same:

For various actions in our tests we have to wait until a specific or multiple events have been sent. Therefore we need a module which can wrap the following:

* Registration of a defined set of event listeners
* Executing a callback to triggering the wanted action
* Wait until all the registered events have been fired
* Remove all registered event listeners

To make this happen we have to use execute_script or execute_async_script, at least for the waiting part. It's not that clear yet how to best handle the same event multiple times for e.g. different event targets. Registering events separately may also cause a bit of overhead, so for performance reasons this needs to be investigated a bit.

Maybe it would be good to store the details of the event in an object and let the client have access to it for evaluation.

I would propose we wait with the implementation until bug 1121691 has been landed.
Product: Mozilla QA → Testing
No longer blocks: 1121705

We are going to remove the puppeteer package on bug 1573383.

Closed: 4 months ago
QA Contact: hskupin
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