Chrome-only DOM File constructors don't use the file's modification time

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The forms of File::CreateFromFile that take an nsIFile or path will use the actual file's last-modified time for the created DOM File, as one might expect.  (This is what happens when chrome script sets the |value| property of a file input element to a non-empty string currently, but this has e10s/sandboxing problems; see bug 1068838.)

However, CreateFromFile isn't exposed to script directly, and the chrome-exposed File constructors add an extra layer of MultipartFileImpl in which the mtime gets lost and replaced with the current time.  In principle, the caller could use the |lastModified| option to the File constructor to work around this, but that's not implemented yet (bug 939509).

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4 years ago
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Investigating this issue a bit more, it seems that it's not a big problem to support lastModified attribute in the File ChromeOnly constructors.

We cannot take the modification time of the nsIFile for security reasons: bug 403852. Maybe this is not valid anymore... but I don't want to break existing tests.
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4 years ago
I can add a mochitest, maybe :)
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> We cannot take the modification time of the nsIFile for security reasons:
> bug 403852

That bug has no security anything involved.  What's the security issue?

This patch is not removing the todo() in dom/base/test/test_bug403852.html that references this bug number.  Why not?
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4 years ago
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Sorry bz, you are totally right. Here a new patch, with a mochitest.
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>+      uint64_t subLastModified = blob->GetLastModified(error);

Maybe call it "partLastModified"?

>+    mLastModificationDate =
>+      lastModified ? lastModified * PR_USEC_PER_MSEC : JS_Now();

Isn't 0 a fairly valid value?  Just means a 40-year-old file....

Speaking of which, shouldn't our last-modified things be signed, so they can represent times before the epoch?  Followup ok here.

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4 years ago
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