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Take for example this page

Reload it multiple times, the "Last change" date will sometimes change for some repositories. 

See for example the attached file: it's the same URL, taken at 20 seconds from each other.

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4 years ago
That looks like some webheads are not up-to-date.
Wow, and some of those go back quite a ways, before we made fixes to the web head syncing. :-(

Will start doing manual syncs to get things up to date.
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Forced syncs, checked data and was still seeing mismatched dates. It turns out that the "Last Changed" column is based on the filesystem timestamp and not the time of the last commit. Based on the various time stamps, I expect this is due to the rebuilding of the hg web heads; they were done over the course of a month or two last summer. Thus, if v2_0/be was synced on a few nodes before the Jul 2015 push and the rest were synced after, the "Last changed" date appears differently.

I'm not sure that we'd want to query each and every repo when viewing a directory like that - git.m.o does and it can be extremely slow. 

I'm going to unassign myself since I'm going on PTO tomorrow. Perhaps :gps has thoughts on this.
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4 years ago
It's not realistic to have indexes list the last commit or push date from each repo. That would involve too much CPU and I/O to render index pages.
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