The various icons next to filenames are not obvious what they correspond to



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See attached screenshot.

In this screenshot, there are circles with a hole in them. Circles that are filled in green. Circles that are all red with a hole in them. Circles that have some yellow with some green. Circles that have some red with some yellow.

After inspecting the markup I figured out that these corresponded to the types of changes.

All green circle filled in = new file
All green with a hole = preexisting file with only lines added
Yellow means that lines were changed
Red means that lines were removed

With that being said, we should add tooltips to these that say things like "New file", "16 new lines added", "10 lines changed, 3 lines removed", "File removed"

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4 years ago
Good points; this should be filed in core.
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4 years ago
I've filed this upstream as  I'll keep this bug open until it is fixed (MozReview devs themselves may fix it sometime, but it would be as an upstream patch).

By the way, the Review Board user guide describes the icons at
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3 years ago
Priority: -- → P3

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3 years ago
We have too many P1s, so I'm spreading out the priorities.  P3 -> P4, P2 -> P3, and some portion of P1s will become P2.
Priority: P3 → P4


3 years ago
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