Support a "service_worker" manifest property to register a Service Worker at install time



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
As a developer I'd like to specify a Service Worker that should be registered at install time in the app manifest, so that it can be executed when my app is installed (e.g. to fetch the resources of my app and put in them in a cache in time for the app being launched for the first time).

Example format:

  "name": "My App",
  "service_worker": {
    "src": "/my-app/sw.js",
    "options": {"scope": "/my-app/"}

Installing the app would carry out an action equivalent to:

navigator.serviceWorker.register('/my-app/sw.js', {scope: '/my-app/'});

Un-installing the app may also un-register the Service Worker.
Mentor: nsm.nikhil
Depends on: 1059784

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2 years ago
Any ETA on this? Isn't this related to Bug 1212648?


6 months ago
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