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Collect domains where we get a strong signal that the password manager is failing the user


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User Story

As a developer, I want to know which sites the password manager is providing a poor user experience so I can fix it.
Signals could include:

* user has a simple affordance to "report problem with password manager at site"
* user copies login credentials into a page that we already have saved
* user invokes a "fallback affordance" on page (bug 1122759)
:bsmedberg, what are the precedents for this, and what is the right tool? It's obviously a privacy concern, and IMO, this information (a domain) shouldn't be associated with broader user metrics. I hear content services is doing something similar, but running their own endpoint. Cloud Services can run an endpoint to collect this error reporting, too, if necessary.
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Can we make this an opt-in UI? That would alleviate all of the concerns.

If that's not practical, let's talk; we can do this, carefully, and there are some new privacy tools for this that we'd like to try.
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