:hover pseudo-class doesn't work on ::before and ::after pseudo-elements




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3 years ago
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3 years ago
According to bug 922669 it should be possible to use the :hover pseudo-class on pseudo-elements. Though this doesn't seem to work.
It's possible for some pseudo-elements.  Specifically, the ones flagged with CSS_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_SUPPORTS_USER_ACTION_STATE in nsCSSPseudoElementList.h.  At the moment, that's just the HTML form control internal pseudo-elements.

See bug 922669 comment 3, in particular.

That said, the ::before and ::after do in fact have an Element associated with them, so I'm not sure why we can't support :hover there.  Cameron?
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2 years ago
The needinfo was requested almost nine months ago. Cameron, can you provide the necessary info. If not, can you pass on the request to someone else?

I don't think Boris was asking for information; I think he was asking Cameron to do the work.
Summary: :hover pseudo-class doesn't work on pseudo-elements → :hover pseudo-class doesn't work on ::before and ::after pseudo-elements
Right.  (I'm taking the chance at the start of the quarter to go through my needinfo backlog so there's a greater chance of me getting to this soon.)
See Also: → bug 1299046
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