national characters from a google agenda incorrectly displayed in Thunderbird/lighning



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Steps to reproduce:

google calendar synchronization with Thunderbird/Lightning using  "Fournisseur pour Google Agenda 1.0.3"

Actual results:

after synchronizing with Google, national characters from a Google agenda are not correctly displayed in Thunderbird/lightning

Expected results:

correct display of national characters after synchronizing a google agenda using  "Fournisseur pour Google Agenda 1.0.3"
Thanks for filing this bug. I doubt we can do anything on l10n side, so I'm moving the bug to Calendar.

Also, a screenshot of the issue might help.
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4 years ago
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copy of lightning screen with incorrecly  displayed "noël"
How did this event get in your calendar? I tried the following and it works for me:

1) Go to google web interface
2) Create an event with title "noël"
3) Go to Lightning, synchronize

4) Create an event with Lightning, name it "noël"
5) Go back to Google web interface
6) Check if encoding is correct

I suspect the event may have been created by a different client that has character encoding issues. Is this an invitation event you can't control? If not, could you try renaming the event to see if that fixes it?

I'm going to close this WORKSFORME for now, but I'm happy to discuss further.
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4 years ago
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"noël"incorrectly displayed in one agenda and correctly  displayed in the second one

Hi Philipp,

   Thanks for taking the problem into condideration.
   The national characters incorrectly displayed in Lightning are coming from a french general purpose agenda provided by Google and named: Calendrier scolaire zone "A"
   Surprisingly, in another general purpose agenda provided by Google "jours fériés", the french national characters are correctly displayed (see attachment).
   Maybe the problem is Google related and not with Ligthning.
Best Regards,
Is the calendar Calendrier scolaire zone "A" public, i.e. can you paste a link to the calendar? I highly suspect this is an issue with the calendar.

Comment 6

4 years ago
Thanks for your answer.

The 'Calendrier scolaire zone "A"' is a Google general purpose public agenda.
As requested, the corresponding link is: googleapi://

Hope it can help for a solution,
This looks like an imported calendar. I've checked the calendar and indeed the characters are just imported wrong. Therefore its an issue with the calendar that I can't sensibly do anything about. Google may be doing some character set detection, but I think that should rather be solved in Lightning, if at all. Thank you for the information on the calendar!
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