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Listening to all events

You can pass the wildcard "*" as the type argument. If you do this, the listener will be called for any event emitted by that object, and its argument will be the name of the event:
panel.on("*", function(e) { console.log("event " + e + " was emitted"); });

This wildcard feature does not yet work for the tabs or windows modules.


does not find this information.

It is the first result of the second page of results (at least for me).

Did you noticed that the results were paginated? That may have been part of the discoverability problem.

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Hi! It is not showing up for me in the first four pages of output.

Could it be a search user configuration issue?

How would we compare our settings?

I have not checked any checkboxes for Topics, Documents, Skill Levels.

Did you exactly use this query as well?

Please paste your match here.
The page does show as the first entry of the second page.

Are you expecting the fragment to show up? (that is the URL w/ #xyz)
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I see,

Working with Events
The Add-on SDK supports event-driven programming.

does indeed show up (knowing what we search for).

But one has to visit every link in the results to see whether there are relevant matches on that page.

I would indeed like more of a clue in the results page to to stand a chance to find the relevant one.

Perhaps fragments of the matched text could be shown on the results page body.

Showing the first sentence is not very helpful.


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Thank you. I'm moving it to the MDN dev area to get it triaged. (cc/ing Maris to be sure it get on the triage meeting radar)
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