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Room is still full after going offline / if the browser crashes


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Windows 7


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1. Start a new conversation
2. Join the call from the standalone page in Firefox, the desktop client is not important
3. Go to Offline mode
4. Try to join the call from another machine or another browser

Actual results:
"There are already two people in this conversation."
Still repro after 10 minutes (no timeout from the server after 5 min)
The 5 min timeout is going to be fixed after the next server release (its currently an hour) - Bug 1120911 is the staging deployment for that.

I think Maire had previously commented that we should be able to do better than just the 5 min timeout, but I can't remember what.
Depends on: 1120911
I think this use case/user story needs to be handled by the server and I'm not sure we can do much better than a 5 min (or small number of minutes) timeout.  Perhaps when we go offline, we (the client) should end the current session. In the case of a crash (as opposed to going offline), the server would have to handle it.

The user story where I think we can do better is: if the same browser (using the same token) tries to join the same room and the server believes that user is already in the room, the server should be smart enough to let the user in (realizing that the first session likely crashed or left for some reason and the server wasn't told).
Summary: Room is still full after going offline → Room is still full after going offline / if the browser crashes
Both parts of comment 2 sound right to me: we should be smart in the crash case, and should send "leave" before going offline" and then "join" again if the window is still open when the user explicitly chooses to go online.  This may or may not be worth splitting into two bugs.  Presumably some server modification is also needed for the crash case.
timeout shortened to 5 minutes.  should consider if there is stuff we should do in architecture to improve this.  but this not a top priority bug (comparitively) right  now.
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Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.

Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
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