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This came up in bug 1123363 comment 3.

"make bootstrap" was originally conceived to make it easier to set up Socorro, especially on CI. We have used it to set up dev environments for a long time, but in the meantime our install procedure has become much more mainstream so "make bootstrap" doesn't provide as much value as it once did.

Now we've forked into "make dev" and "make bootstrap", but instead of continuing down this path why don't we just document how to do these things directly? It should be something like:

1. create virtualenv and activate it (suggest virtualenvwrapper)
2. pip/peep install requirements.txt
3. python develop

Instead of "make test", document "nosetests socorro".

Webapp side is similar, it needs a few Django commands:

./ collectstatic --noinput
./ compress --force --engine=jinja2

Then you can run tests:

./ test

I think this shows more clearly how the underlying systems work, and it's not too daunting.

Moving more toward a "standard python library development" model seems wise, particularly with an eye toward making socorro components more easily separated into distinct libraries. 

We may still need something like "make bootstrap" to support travis-ci, but maybe we make it explicitly for CI rather than general purpose for development.

Comment 2

2 years ago
I think we've oscillated on this topic twice since this was filed. Most of this will be made moot as we split applications out of the monorepo, the rest as we move to dockerizing what remains. I'm not interesting in pursueing further changes to the Make targets directly.
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