Provide an option to hide Ion bailout annotations in Cleopatra




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3 years ago
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3 years ago
The IonMonkey bailout annotations are very common in profiles creating a lot of clutter, but they are never the cause of the types of performance problems I'm interested in debugging.

We need an option to either filter out these annotations in Cleopatra or to not capture them at all.
FWIW bail out are the reason some demos run slowly are a useful to show. See bug 1007927 for instance.

But I agree we should let users filter makers.
AIUI, some number of bailouts are expected; it's usually only when you get into a bailout loop that they're evidence of a problem (as in, you bailout because some type restrictions turned out to be too tight, so you recompile with what should be fewer restrictions, but something goes wrong and you bailout again for the same reason.) So displaying them prominently in the UI is valid but somewhat deceptive; you could easily go down a rabbit hole trying to "fix" them.

But in the absence of a better idea of how to display them, I agree that a filter would be nice.


11 months ago
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