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nsContentUtils::GetSameOriginChecker() is infallible


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I could rename it to nsContentUtils::SameOriginChecker(), but it causes some weirdness because the class in nsContentUtils has the same name.
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Take advantage of the infallibility of nsContentUtils::GetSameOriginChecker().

Annoying to keep Get prefix.
At least add a comment to .h that the method is infallible.
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I could rename the class to SameOriginCheckerImpl or something, and then rename the method.  Technically I can do "new class SameOriginChecker" but I've never seen that before in Gecko code, so I worry about it working across all the compilers we care about.
*Impl sounds ok to me, given the class is internal to .cpp.
This method is infallible, so the name should reflect that.
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