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Finish up support for vertical writing modes in fieldset


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Follow up to bug 1123133 to add support for the new logical methods from bug 1079154 and anything else which needs updating.
Because bug 1079154 seems to be at risk, let's do this in two parts. This is another thing I had in my patch for nsFieldSetFrame, which I forgot to mention  in bug 1123133 comment 6.
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And here's the second part, using the new stuff from bug 1079154. Holding off on review request until we know if bug 1079154 is going to stick.
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Patch 1: use min/max BSize instead of Height

Review of attachment 8553059 [details] [diff] [review]:

Yes, this looks right, thanks.
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A couple of reftests that fail before patch 1 and passe after it.
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Reftests for patch 1

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LGTM. Would you mind adding something like "fieldset-height" to the filenames, just to make it easier to keep track of what the tests are about? (I know not all the existing tests do this, but I'd like to nudge us in that direction.)
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Checked in patch 1 and the associated reftests patch, with the naming change requested in comment 5
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Patch 2: use logical ReflowChild, FinishReflowChild and ApplyRelativePositioning

We can push ahead with this now and close this bug.
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