[Stingray][System] focus() on smart-button on app modal dialog is useless after first popup



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This is a follow-up bug for bug 1115290.
Currently we workarounded this problem by setTimeout() with 100ms; If you remove the setTimeout[1], you can reproduce this problem by this STR:
1. Open an app that popups alert()
2. let the app popup alert()
3. The focus moves to ok button of alert() and we press enter to close it
4. let the app popup alert() again

ok button of alert dialog is focused.

ok button of alert dialog is NOT focused. User can't do any operation without mouse now.

Since we've made a workaround on it, this is not an urgent bug. But we should find the root cause and resolve it in a correct way.

We got the second one[2].

It's similar with [1] in comment 1. but in case of comment 1, using <button> rather than <smart-button> avoids the problem.
The case here is unavoidable neither using <button> nor <smart-button>

Since focus() doesn't return anything when it failed, focus problem is hard to trace. I think there may be several cases underneath.



2 years ago
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