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Shumway unable to play JWPlayer video on Error setting up the player: n is undefined


(Firefox Graveyard :: Shumway, defect)

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When I try to play any PBS video (e.g. ) with Nightly 38 (2015-01-23) and Shumway 0.9.3633, the SWF is black and the page displays the following error message:

"Error setting up the player: n is undefined"

Load Shared Dependencies: timer started shumway.gfx.js:17
Load Shared Dependencies: 7.09ms shumway.gfx.js:6276
Load GFX Dependencies: timer started shumway.gfx.js:6277
Load GFX Dependencies: 6.03ms shumway.gfx.js:12431
Load Player Dependencies: timer started shumway.player.js:17
Load Shared Dependencies: timer started shumway.player.js:18
Load Shared Dependencies: 4.65ms shumway.player.js:6271
Load AVM2 Dependencies: timer started shumway.player.js:6272
Load AVM2 Dependencies: 15.97ms shumway.player.js:22634
Load SWF Parser: timer started shumway.player.js:22635
Load SWF Parser: 0.78ms shumway.player.js:25729
Load Flash TS Dependencies: timer started shumway.player.js:25730
Load Flash TS Dependencies: 24.96ms shumway.player.js:42942
Load AVM1 Dependencies: timer started shumway.player.js:42943
Load AVM1 Dependencies: 3.14ms shumway.player.js:47545
Load Player Dependencies: 53.87ms shumway.player.js:52129
"Shumway: start normal" viewerWrapper.js:137:6
"url=;params=({})" viewer.js:130:0
"Compiler settings: {"appCompiler":true,"sysCompiler":false,"verifier":true}" viewer.js:253:0
"Parsing" viewer.js:254:2
Execute timer started shumway.player.js:51880
Execute 84.78ms shumway.player.js:51884
"Session #1: loading" viewerPlayer.js:104:10
"Session #1: loaded 61803/198958" viewerPlayer.js:126:14
"Session #1: loaded 183435/198958" viewerPlayer.js:126:14
"Session #1: loaded 198958/198958" viewerPlayer.js:126:14
"SWF load time: 0.0570sec" shumway.player.js:25225:0
"Session #1: closed" viewerPlayer.js:120:14
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.system.Security::static allowDomain ["*"]" shumway.player.js:148:6
"__flash__eval: try {__flash__toXML(jwplayer.utils.tea.decrypt("","36QXq4W@GSBV^teR"));} catch (e) {"<undefined/>";}" ShumwayStreamConverter.jsm:789:6
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.display.InteractiveObject::set focusRect" shumway.player.js:148:6
"__flash__eval: try {__flash__toXML(jwplayer.embed.flash.getVars("player"));} catch (e) {"<undefined/>";}" ShumwayStreamConverter.jsm:789:6
"Session #2: loading" viewerPlayer.js:104:10
"Session #2: loaded 24958/24958" viewerPlayer.js:126:14
"Session #2: closed" viewerPlayer.js:120:14
"__flash__eval: try {__flash__toXML(jwplayer.utils.tea.decrypt("9hR5vkXnCthRESHPBPzie5CbXKaPOu26VvqVqg==","36QXq4W@GSBV^teR"));} catch (e) {"<undefined/>";}" ShumwayStreamConverter.jsm:789:6
"somewhatImplemented: public" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: NetStream._invoke (4)" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public client" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public objectEncoding" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.ui.ContextMenu::set builtInItems" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.ui.ContextMenu::set customItems" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.ui.ContextMenu::get builtInItems" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.display.InteractiveObject::set contextMenu" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.ui.ContextMenu::get customItems" shumway.player.js:148:6
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.system.Capabilities::get isDebugger" shumway.player.js:148:6
"No native method for: Getter public flash.system::SecurityDomain::$BgcurrentDomain, make sure you've got the static keyword for static methods." shumway.player.js:148:6
"Calling undefined native method: Getter undefined::$BgcurrentDomain" shumway.player.js:148:6
"__flash__eval: try {__flash__toXML(function(evt){jwplayer("player").dispatchEvent(evt.type,evt)}(({message:"Error setting up the player: n is undefined",type:"jwplayerSetupError"})));} catch (e) {"<undefined/>";}" ShumwayStreamConverter.jsm:789:6
"somewhatImplemented: public flash.ui.Mouse::static show" shumway.player.js:148:6
Use of getPreventDefault() is deprecated.  Use defaultPrevented instead. pbs.pipeline-libs.js:1:0
GET [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 347ms]
Testing right now, but at least one part of this, the "undefined native method" thing, is fixed by
The issue described here is fixed. Other issues block the player from working, but those are dealt with in other bugs.
Blocks: shumway-jw1
Closed: 9 years ago
OS: Mac OS X → All
QA Contact: till
Hardware: x86 → All
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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