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Backtracking started crashing on kraken-stanford-crypto-aes


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Arewefastyet doesn't report numbers on "backtracking" anymore since a subtest started to fail/crash. Tested manually this is test "kraken-stanford-crypto-aes" which segfaults.

On the given graph we have two times it started crashing:

First regression range:
6d56dfa4e845	Brian Hackett -- Bug 934502 - Remove unnecessary pushedArgumentSlots, track argument slots explicitly in safepoints, r=jandem.

Range that fixed it again:
a92e6bed098d	Ryan VanderMeulen -- Backed out changeset 6d56dfa4e845 (bug 934502) for SM(ggc) failures.

Second regression range:
629c8aac3ece	Brian Hackett — Bug 934502 - Remove unnecessary pushedArgumentSlots, track argument slots explicitly in safepoints, r=jandem.
4d669523c7dd	Brian Hackett -- Bug 1123011 - Box 'this' values when eval'ing strict scripts from a non-strict Ion script, r=jandem.

The revision are just educated guesses. I didn't bisect, but it seems to make sense.
Attached patch patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is a calling conventions issue.  When an Ion frame calls another one and is constructing, after the callee finishes executing the caller will reload the value it pushed for |this| if the callee returned a primitive.  Bug 934502 changed JIT frame tracing so that the |this| slot is no longer required to hold a value, and might not be marked by a GC within the callee if it is not live there.

The attached patch restores the earlier convention of always marking the |this| value as part of the frame, so that the caller can always assume it is live (and holds a valid |this| value for the frame).  I added some logic to the backtracking allocator so that it can't group vregs spilling to the |this| slot with other vregs that don't; this will prevent the allocator from spilling those other vregs to the |this| slot.
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The first patch had a bug where |this| values for non-function Ion frames were not being marked.  Fixing this also fixes bug 1125840.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1125840
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Thanks. Arewefastyet reports numbers again for kraken-standford-crypto-aes (and shumway, which was also affected).
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Duplicate of this bug: 1126507
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