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A while back, we wrote scripts/ which runs via cron at 3:30am every day. It generates l10n_history.json and l10n_summary.json files based on the current state of translations for strings in the Kitsune web app.

These files are used in the localization dashboard as well as in the postatus app ( to help us see translation status and address areas of concern.

I recently changed the postatus app to show "percent translated" as a float since Kitsune has a gazillion strings and if the change day-to-day was under gazillion / 100, then it wouldn't even register in the postatus app as getting better or worse. I updated the equivalent script in Fjord to show floats (I also added untranslated_words which is helpful).

This bug covers updating the script in Kitsune to:

1. save float values rather than integer values for "percent translated"

2. (optional, but would be handy) add untranslated_word counts
I did the changes for Fjord, so I should probably do the changes for Kitsune, too. It's not super hard, but we don't have tests for it and so it takes some eyeballing and double-checking, etc.

Given that, I'm going to grab it and do it in my nearest slot of spare time.
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I didn't do this.

I'm currently rewriting all this infrastructure and moving it elsewhere. Thus we don't have to rely on flakey server stuff that seems to keep changing and we'll be in a better position to switch to AWS down the line anyhow.
Repurposing this to remove the script altogether. That coupled with the new script that runs on people.m.o fixes this issue.

Removing script in a PR:
Summary: fix l10n_completion script to use floats → nix l10n completion infrastructure
Landed in

Pretty sure it's gone out by now. Closing as FIXED.
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