make sure patcher config bump works for win64 betas



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It's been ages since we added a new platform, not sure how the latest version of the tooling will cope.
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add mappings to patcher bumper stuff

I tried a bump by hand. I had to fake out one of the helper functions (because 36.0b4 doesn't exist yet), but it seems fine otherwise:

(buildbot)➜  release  perl -p firefox -r Firefox -v 36.0b4 -a 36.0 -o 36.0b3 -b 1 -c patcher-configs/mozBeta-branch-patcher2.cfg -t -f -d -l shipped-locales --partial-version 36.0b3 --partial-version 36.0b2 --platform linux --platform linux64 --platform macosx64 --platform win32 --platform win64
(buildbot)➜  release  hg diff patcher-configs/
diff --git a/release/patcher-configs/mozBeta-branch-patcher2.cfg b/release/patcher-configs/mozBeta-branch-patcher2.cfg
--- a/release/patcher-configs/mozBeta-branch-patcher2.cfg
+++ b/release/patcher-configs/mozBeta-branch-patcher2.cfg
@@ -3,32 +3,32 @@
             channel   beta
-                betatest-url
-                esrtest-url
-                path   firefox/nightly/36.0b3-candidates/build1/update/%platform%/%locale%/firefox-36.0b3.complete.mar
-                url
+                betatest-url
+                esrtest-url
+                path   firefox/nightly/36.0b4-candidates/build1/update/%platform%/%locale%/firefox-36.0b4.complete.mar
+                url
             force   force_plist_reload
             from   36.0b2
-                <36.0b1>
-                    betatest-url
-                    esrtest-url
-                    path   firefox/nightly/36.0b3-candidates/build1/update/%platform%/%locale%/firefox-36.0b1-36.0b3.partial.mar
-                    url
-                </36.0b1>
-                    betatest-url
-                    esrtest-url
-                    path   firefox/nightly/36.0b3-candidates/build1/update/%platform%/%locale%/firefox-36.0b2-36.0b3.partial.mar
-                    url
+                    betatest-url
+                    esrtest-url
+                    path   firefox/nightly/36.0b4-candidates/build1/update/%platform%/%locale%/firefox-36.0b2-36.0b4.partial.mar
+                    url
+                <36.0b3>
+                    betatest-url
+                    esrtest-url
+                    path   firefox/nightly/36.0b4-candidates/build1/update/%platform%/%locale%/firefox-36.0b3-36.0b4.partial.mar
+                    url
+                </36.0b3>
             testchannel   betatest releasetest
-            to   36.0b3
+            to   36.0b4
         past-update   29.0b1 29.0b2 betatest releasetest beta
         past-update   29.0b2 29.0b3 betatest releasetest beta
@@ -95,6 +95,7 @@
         past-update   35.0b6 35.0b8 betatest releasetest beta
         past-update   35.0b8 35.0 betatest releasetest beta
         past-update   36.0b1 36.0b2 betatest releasetest beta
+        past-update   36.0b2 36.0b3 betatest releasetest beta
@@ -1370,6 +1371,26 @@
                 schema   2
                 version   36.0
+            <36.0b4>
+                checksumsurl
+                completemarurl
+                <exceptions>
+                    ja   linux-i686, linux-x86_64, win32, win64
+                    ja-JP-mac   mac
+                </exceptions>
+                extension-version   36.0
+                locales   ach af an ar as ast az be bg bn-BD bn-IN br bs ca cs cy da de dsb el en-GB en-US en-ZA eo es-AR es-CL es-ES es-MX et eu fa ff fi fr fy-NL ga-IE gd gl gu-IN he hi-IN hr hsb hu hy-AM id is it ja ja-JP-mac kk km kn ko lij lt lv mai mk ml mr ms nb-NO nl nn-NO or pa-IN pl pt-BR pt-PT rm ro ru si sk sl son sq sr sv-SE ta te th tr uk vi xh zh-CN zh-TW
+                <platforms>
+                    linux-i686   99999999999999
+                    linux-x86_64   99999999999999
+                    mac   99999999999999
+                    win32   99999999999999
+                    win64   99999999999999
+                </platforms>
+                prettyVersion   36.0 Beta 4
+                schema   2
+                version   36.0
+            </36.0b4>

Update verify bumps are broken, but we'll handel that in either bug 1125932 or bug 1125924.
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4 years ago
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Staging run is complete and this worked fine as far as we can tell. Nothing else to do!
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