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[e10s] Miscellaneous additions to add-on shims


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I've been doing more add-on testing and I've found some more issues. These are all pretty small things.
One problem I ran into is that an add-on will ask for window.content and then look for the associated browser via getBrowserForContentWindow. If window.content returns the dummy window, it won't find an associated browser and an exception will be thrown. Sadly this happens a lot in Jetpack, which still uses a great deal of CPOWs.

There's a pretty easy fix though. We can just set browser._contentWindow to the dummy window when we return it. Then getBrowserForContentWindow will return the correct browser.

I also added some properties to make the dummy window look like a real window. These are also useful to Jetpack.
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Attached patch _content-shimSplinter Review
This patch fixes a very old add-on that uses window._content instead of window.content.
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This patch adds a shim for gBrowser.docShell.
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These are some additional observer topics that fire in content. One problem we're going to have here is that window IDs are not unique across processes. I filed bug 1126042 about this. For now I think we'll probably be okay because we only have one content process. But we do need to fix this eventually.
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::: toolkit/components/addoncompat/RemoteAddonsParent.jsm
@@ +739,4 @@
>    };
> + = dummyContentWindow;
> +  dummyContentWindow.document.defaultView = dummyContentWindow;
> +  browser._contentWindow = dummyContentWindow;

Kinda underhanded, poking a value into this private member. But I guess these shims are just generally underhanded already. :)
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Review of attachment 8554821 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: toolkit/components/addoncompat/RemoteAddonsParent.jsm
@@ +788,5 @@
>  let ChromeWindowInterposition = new Interposition("ChromeWindowInterposition",
>                                                    EventTargetInterposition);
> +ChromeWindowInterposition.getters.content =
> +ChromeWindowInterposition.getters._content = function(addon, target) {

Would you mind documenting which add-on this is for? Or at least mentioning here that we're special-casing an old add-on using _content?
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Depends on: 1151335
Depends on: 1159616
No longer depends on: 1159616
Not planning to add the docshell shim, so closing.
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