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We've written this a few times now, but with the new Storage component, we need to pull it all over and hook it up to SQLite.

I have a WIP here:

Since this is a many to many relationship, it creates two tables. One for favicons and one for a join between history and favicons. All insert/update/delete/queries go through the join table really.

I'm also saving favicons locally and just storing file references for now. Seems to work well. Need lots of tests, some lazy image loading (batching as well), and still looking at the best way to handle multiple resolutions. I have some of that in old patches, and will try to land it in separate PR's. For this initial work I think I just want:

1.) A JS framework to tell us about icons on the page
2.) Tables to store everything we find
3.) Stored icons appearing in the UI
For 1 you can implement a BrowserHelper like the ReaderMode is. That gives you a clear API to inject some JS in the page and then probably at onPageLoad scan the page for icons. I just don't know if we can get to the icon image *contents* without loading them again.


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Fixed in bug 1128595
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