In some cases the ctag is not stored



Provider: CalDAV
3 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: Thomas Payen, Unassigned)


Lightning 3.2




3 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

Since the use of mProposedCtag for a temporary ctag, there is some cases where the ctag is not stored in memory.
Indeed the mCtag is only update in the finalizeUpdatedItems method, which is called in doWebDAVSync (who does not need ctag I think) and doMultiGet.
But at the start of thunderbird, a calendar with offline mode enabled asks for an initial ctag without needing a doMultiGet request (if every etag are equals).

To reproduce :
 - Use a caldav server based on ctag sync
 - Create a calendar with offline mode enabled with few events
 - The initial ctag is stored and events are added to offline sqlite database after the multiget request
 - When you clic on the synchronise button, the getctag request is correctly called
 - Don't change anything and restart thunderbird
 - Initiale ctag is not stored because the multiget request is not needed
 - Then, each clic on the synchronise button call a getetag event request instead of a getctag request
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