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More style cleanups in nsWebBrowser


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(firefox38 fixed)

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firefox38 --- fixed


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I can't take these three space indents any more.
You've managed to found one of the least maintained piece of code ;)
Only about 14-16 years old.

(But we do use nsWebBrowser for all the b2g/e10s stuff, since TabChild uses the embedding APIs)
Yeah, that's why I'm looking at it. ;)
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part 1 - Tuck more braces in nsWebBrowser.

>+   if (!mDocShell) {
>       if (aX)
>          *aX = mInitInfo->x;
>       if (aY)
>          *aY = mInitInfo->y;
>       if (aCX)
>          *aCX = mInitInfo->cx;
>       if (aCY)
>          *aCY = mInitInfo->cy;

{} also here please

>+      if (aX)
>+          *aX = bounds.x;
>+      if (aY)
>+          *aY = bounds.y;
>+      if (aCX)
>+          *aCX = bounds.width;
>+      if (aCY)
>+          *aCY = bounds.height;
and here
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part 2 - Fix indentation in nsWebBrowser.

r+ based on the -w
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I put the extra braces you asked for in your review of part 1 into a new part 3, to avoid bit rotting the second patch.
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