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SVG - Incorrect element height


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Steps to reproduce:

<!doctype html><body><svg><path d="M1 0 L100 0" stroke-width="1" stroke="#000000"></path></svg></body>

Actual results:

Firefox 35.0.1 renders a 1px line but the element height is 8px.

Expected results:

The height of the path element should be 1px.
Who says it's 8px. I don't think this is an SVG bug, it's a bug in whatever tool is saying it's 8px high.
I'm assuming Mozilla is the tool, and it's our getBBox implementation that expands the bounds for the stroke-miterlimit default.

Anders, a minimal testcase attached to the bug using the "Add an attachment" link is always useful.
getBBox won't include the stroke-width so it will report 0.
Attached file ff-svgbug.html
Sorry for the short description. I posted a html-file just now to show you guys what i meant.
I checked the height using the firefox dev tools inspector thingee. Also tried getClientBoundingRect().height.
Set stroke-linejoin: bevel; to workaround this.
Nice workaround. Thank you Robert.
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