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4 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: justdave, Unassigned)



I received a notification from Google Webmaster Tools that the www.bugzilla.org website has been de-ranked in mobile search results (results given to searches made via mobile devices) because the site is not mobile-friendly.

It lists the following:
688 pages have no viewport configured
687 pages have too small of a font
687 pages have touch elements too close together
17 pages have content not sized to the viewport

And links to the following documentation for how to deal with these errors:
I suspect the majority of these can be fixed by adjusting our wrapper template that all of the pages use.
Apparently they weren't actually enforcing that yet, but now they are:

At this point we'll probably get better mileage out of completing the switch to WordPress, I'm guessing, although some of the above changes would probably be easy to implement on the existing site.
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