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Click on "Update now" in an outdated plugin in about:addons opens a wrong page



4 years ago
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4 years ago
I have an entry "Shockwave Flash", that is vulnerable. Clicking on "update now" brings me to this page, that is about Java:
Hi Marco,

Installed the latest Flash Player version (Shockwave Flash 20.0 r0) and used the plugin check page in order to verify if outdated ( but appears to be up to date. Also verified the current version with your page and it's not displayed as blocked.

Can you please test this on the latest Firefox release (43.0.3) or latest Nightly (46.0a1, using the latest Flash Player version, and tell me if this still reproduces for you ? When doing this please use a new fresh Firefox profile ( 

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3 years ago
This is only reproducible if you have that exact version of the plugin installed.
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3 years ago
Component: Untriaged → General
Product: Firefox → Plugin Check
Version: 37 Branch → unspecified
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