visible descendants of collapsed table row are not rendered but focused and tabbable




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(Reporter: Rodney Rehm, Unassigned)


Mac OS X

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Steps to reproduce:

consider the following HTML:

      <td><a id="before" href="#void">before</a></td>
    <tr style="visibility:collapse">
      <td><a id="visible" href="#void" style="visibility: visible">collapsed visible</a></td>
      <td><a id="after" href="#void">after</a></td>

Actual results:

I was able to focus the element #visible by pressing the tab key, but I could not see the element on screen.

Expected results:

I should either see the visible descendant of a collapsed row on screen (other browsers, especially IE, make it look "ugly") or not be able to focus the element at all.

Comment 1

2 years ago

I have tested this on Mac OS X 10.10 with Nightly 46.0a1. 
Actual results: I see the element "before" but "collapsed visible, after" are on the same row, the elements are visible on the screen, I was not able to focus the elements by pressing the Tab key.
Please download the Firefox Nightly from here: and retest the problem.
Thank you.
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Comment 2

2 years ago

I retested with Nightly 46.0a1 (2015-12-28) and I can't reproduce your scenario.

* The all three links are keyboard focusable by pressing the Tab key
* The link "collapsed visible" becomes visible only after first focus
* The element "collapsed visible" overlaps with the following content
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Comment 3

2 years ago

Something is not working right here. 
I can't focus the elements by pressing the Tab key. 
The link "collapsed visible" becomes visible only after first focus, I can reproduce that.
The element "collapsed visible" overlaps "after" element. This is true.
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2 years ago
Ever confirmed: true

Comment 4

2 years ago
> I can't focus the elements by pressing the Tab key. 

As there are 2 simple links on that page that should be reachable via Tab key, I assume there's something off with your system / browser configuration.

If you're on Mac, be sure to set "Full Keyboard Access" to "All Controls" in the "Shortcuts" Tab of the "Keyboard" System Preferences. If you have E10 active, try without the multi-process mode (used to flat out prevent tabbing)

Comment 5

2 years ago
Hi Rodney,
You were right, now I can focus the elements by pressing the tab key. Thank you.
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