[UX] Concept a way to easily pass URLs to someone you are having a conversation with



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From a conversation with :Madhava...

It would be great to be able to push a URL to someone you are chatting with.

This bug is to concept a mechanism for doing that without IM. One possible mechanism would be for User A to press a button to send the URL, and on User B's side, a doorhanger appear from the Hello icon saying "User A is sending you a link..."

Another way would be for a popup to hang off of the conversation window, or possibly just text at the bottom.
As a UX concept, this is definitely something different than IM. From the perspective of what we would need to implement this, it's going to be blocked on the same datachannels API that we're currently waiting for in order to implement in-room chat.

In other words, if we want this as an additional experience, it makes sense. If the thinking was that we could do this to implement *something* while we're waiting for the infrastructure to do in-room chat, it won't do that.
Thanks Adam! This is definitely an additional experience kind of thing.
Sevaan: is there something here that should be extracted into some design document or otherwise articulated?
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I think this is a wontfix as we are now showing the URLs you want to share with someone. And if a Link Clicker wants to suggest a link to me, they can just copy and paste.
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Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.


Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
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