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Rename win64 FTP directory


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Windows 64 builds use "win64-x86_64" when they upload files to FTP. This is misaligned with "win32", adds some confusion, and requires extra platform-to-FTP-name mappings.

It would be great to unify the names and use just "win64".

Testing the patch.
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This worked fine for a staging release.

Another patch for buildbotcustom incoming.
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FTR, it'd be great to land the build system patch at the same time to mozilla-central and mozilla-aurora.
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Looks good to me!
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Releng needs this patch for win64 automation. It would be great to land this patch to mozilla-central and mozilla-aurora in the same day to minimize the risk of broken aurora nigthly builds.

[Feature/regressing bug #]: -

[User impact if declined]: The only change will be the name of the package in nightly directories. The platform is not a tier 1 platform, so the impact should be minimal.

[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]: Passed a staging release

[Risks and why]: Not expected

[String/UUID change made/needed]: None
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I think you're right to make this change before we start pushing to get more users on these builds. As we already have Nightly users on Win64 builds, will this change impact them? If so, how can we get information out to them so that they know what to expect. (To be clear, I don't think this should block us from proceeding.)

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This will be transparent for the existing users. Balrog will use the new paths automagically. will need to update the links
Blocks: 1129469

I'll queue this up for Aurora shortly.
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Inconveniently, we build win64 on mozilla-beta, and that's what we run win8 tests on, and since the in-tree part didn't land on beta, now the builds are broken and the tests can't run.

mozilla-beta is closed.
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This should cover all branches. I'm not touching the complete MAR pattern because we don't generate nightly builds on beta.
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I don't see why we should be running win64 on beta at this point if we're not releasing it until next cycle.
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I've gone ahead and uplifted the fix for now to get the tree reopened. Feel free to turn the builds off if you want.
This change broke our Mozmill CI and especially mozdownload, which is not able to download this build anymore. I have a fix for that but before releasing it I would like to know that we indeed keep this change for the future.
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(In reply to Henrik Skupin (:whimboo) from comment #21)
> This change broke our Mozmill CI and especially mozdownload, which is not
> able to download this build anymore. I have a fix for that but before
> releasing it I would like to know that we indeed keep this change for the
> future.

Yes, we're keeping this change.
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There are still x86_64 files from February 4th in the latest-trunk/ and latest-mozilla-(aurora|central)/ directories (and possibly in others too). Do they have to be removed manually?

Also, in latest-mozilla-aurora-l10n/, there's an empty win64-x86_64/ directory.
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I'll forward this to Nick, he may know this.
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Yes, it's manual, and done.
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