Change to path for alembic did not pick up the right path



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/data/socorro/application/alembic/versions/ UserWarning: Did not find '/data/socorro/socorro-virtualenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/socorro-master-py2.6.egg/socorro/external/postgresql/raw_sql/procs/update_reports_duplicates.sql'. Continuing migration.

We don't ship all the raw SQL files with the egg currently.

Should we? Not sure what the best course of action is.
I've run into this too - I'm not sure where these should go. We might want to take them out of the PYTHONPATH unless they really need to be there. supports data files ("package_data") so it's certainly something that can go in the python package, just maybe should live outside of socorro.external.postgres ?
Maybe it is time to move them into the alembic directory. 

Unfortunately, relies on them also. 

Although what we might be able to do is: 

* change alembic's first migration to be a loading of all the stored procedures. 

There are some issues with that - we'll get warnings for missing files as procedures and views are deprecated. 

I can bake in "just take whatever is in that directory and don't complain".  Is that the right/helpful thing to do here?
I decided to leave these in their current directory for now, because of the setupdb dependency.
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a year ago
per 1361394, plan to delete or refactor these portions of the db
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