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17 years ago
Hi, I noticed a big gap in your documentation on netscape mail. 

(And by the way, I'm suffering now trying to figure out the right way to do it)

Often I backup my mail to a CD and have a need for viewing them on other 
machines. I can copy the folders to the local system, but for the life of me, I 
have no clue what steps to take to be able to view archived mail on the new 
system.  I've done it once before way back when, and I'm sure I'll figure it 
out, but the online help documentation needs to contain specific directions 
about how to import old folders to the mail client. For example, what is the 
necessary directory structure and what settings need to be added or modified? 
Ironically, it's significantly easier to import Outlook or Eudora mail than to 
import old Netscape/Mozilla folders. In fact, the import button doesn't do 
anything for old Netscape mail. 

This is an extremely common need, and quite frankly, my difficulty in importing 
old netscape folders has made me reluctant to use Mozilla mail very much. I 
know the answer exist somewhere on a newsgroup, but this needs to be in the 
documentation itself. Below are the major categories for documentation. I would 
propose that "Exporting and Transferring old Mail to Netscape" be an additional 
category on the same level as the categories below. 

Using the Mail Account Setup Wizard

Setting Up Additional Mail and News Accounts

Changing the Settings for an Account

Viewing or Changing Your Identity Settings

Choosing Between IMAP and POP3 Mail Servers

Setting POP Server Information

Setting IMAP Server Information

Setting Newsgroup Server Information

Choosing Settings for Copies and Folders

Choosing Offline and Disk Space Settings

Choosing Addressing Settings

Choosing Outgoing SMTP Server Settings

Using Instant Messenger with Netscape Mail

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17 years ago
I said Netscape. I meant Mozilla of course. But it's true on both apps. 

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17 years ago
Taking this. Robert, please describe more specifically what you are trying to
do. Which type of mail server (POP or IMAP) are you using? Are you trying to
move a Netscape 6 mail folder from one machine to another? Thanks.
Assignee: rudman → robinf

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17 years ago
I think there should be documentation for how to
1. Save a profile (bookmark, imap/pop mail, address) as one single file
2. copy the file (or directory) to another PC (home<->office)
3. and Mozilla can import everything back.

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17 years ago
Bug 78585 "Import Local Folders from 4.x" is planned to be fixed for mozilla
1.0. This fix means you'll be able to import your old local mail folders.

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17 years ago
Bug 78585 "Import Local Folders from 4.x" has been fixed, so closing this bug as
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME

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16 years ago
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