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Add user review guidelines


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We need to add content guidelines for users who rate apps on Marketplace.

On the submission dialog (, add the following text: Please read the Review Guidelines for more details about rating apps. Reviews that do not meet these guidelines may be removed by our moderation team without notice.

Link the words "Review Guidelines" to a new static page (preferred URL:

Preferably, the design is based on this template:

Content for this page:
(Scroll to the bottom half of doc)
The content you linked to is all about AMO and add-ons.

Aside from that, I think this content belongs on MDN under .  We've just managed to clear out all the long-form guides, docs, and policies out of the AMO codebase and onto MDN.  We should keep the same for Marketplace.
The Marketplace-specific content is farther down the page. I'm ok with it on MDN...however, can we still have the content and link on the submission dialog?
Yes.  Can you give us a new URL?
Mentor: amckay
Whiteboard: [good first bug][contribute]
This is a good first bug and Andy has volunteered to help.  Let us know if you are in a hurry though.
Hi Wil.. Can I work on this ?
Sure - Andy is the mentor.  You can find him on IRC at andym (or ask in #marketplace).

This bug is all in the front end code (fireplace).  Instructions for installing fireplace can be found at .  The template this string should be added on is .  You don't need to worry about the "static page" stuff anymore since Amy put this on MDN.

I'm going to needinfo Liz who can help with the UI.  This has changed slightly since Amy's screenshot and I don't see a great place on this screen to add that many words.  Hopefully Liz will have good input. :)  Will attach screenshots in a minute...
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Attached image review.png
Hi Wil,

I have setup Docker on my system, and the instance is coming up. But how do I set up sample apps? I need to setup sample apps so that I can click on review button and test my changes.

PS: I will wait for Liz's input. For now, I just want to play around.

Ram Vaishnav
(In reply to Ram Dayal Vaishnav [:Ram] from comment #10)
> Hi Wil,
> I have setup Docker on my system, and the instance is coming up. But how do
> I set up sample apps? I need to setup sample apps so that I can click on
> review button and test my changes.

`` fig run --rm zamboni python generate_apps N ``

where N is the number of apps you want created in your database.
Ram, I spoke with Joni, and we updated the copy. See the attached "Submit Review" modal for where the 2 kinds of copy go. As you work on this, let me know if you have any questions!
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maybe we can get this on KTLO Chapter 2?
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Thanks Liz, I will submit the PR soon or ask you if I have any questions. Sorry for the delay.
Added to KTLO Chapter 2 (once it exists)
Thanks.  I didn't realize Ram was still working on this.  Assigning back.
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Looks like this was merged in.  Thanks Ram for the patch.
Closed: 8 years ago
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I have verified it in FF40(Win7) in The message is displayed and the link is working. In the mock-up from comment 12 there is a new text in the "Update content here" section. At this moment in marketplace the message is: "Tell us what you love about this app" - Is this intended
Postfix screencast:

Also the link to the review guidelines is not displayed on mobile devices (I have tested in Android 4.2.1 and Flame FFOS 2.0)- Intended or not?  Screencast:

Will can you please respond?
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You're right, Madalin.  The screenshots in the PR had the updated text, but the final one does not.  I'm not sure what happened, but I'll reopen this.
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
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I will update the PR as required.
Submitted another PR #1255 for putting back the placeholder text (which was removed as per previous discussion on PR #1163).
Created another PR (#1354) as previous one was r+wc.
Merged #1358. Closing the request, feel free to reopen if required. Thanks :)
Closed: 8 years ago7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Verified as fixed in FF42(Win7) in marketplace-dev.
The text is updated and everything works as expected.
Closing bug.
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