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standard setting as email client are defective


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Steps to reproduce:

if in thunderbird the client is not set as standart mail client, yet in windows 7 home, under standard application you select thunderbird as mail client, the errror comes as soon as you press on a mailto: link

Actual results:

gues what? internetexplorer starts innumeral threads to open an email app. this causes to system to slow down alot

Expected results:

well either firefox could have warned, yet if i would use chrome the issue probably would still be there, so i expect thunderbird to warn me if in windows i have chosen it as standart mail client, yet in the thunderbird setting i have unticked the option mail!

i solved it by after 1 year wondering why. if i have opted right or being warned it would have solved easier, so i think you can make a promt at startup for having oppsed settings that may cause conflicts, so user can select -> remove thunderbird as standart client from windows settings, and a second button, to show the window in the image below. with the advise to chose it as mail client! 

thanks alot
Severity: normal → S3
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