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Add Robocop JavascriptTest verifying that AppConstants module can be imported and is sensible


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This ticket tracks verifying that Bug 1130812 does not regress.  It's a great mentor bug, although not quite a good first bug.

What we want is a JavascriptTest (like [1], but there are lots of examples) that imports AppConstants.jsm and verifies that a few constants are reasonable.  That might include checking that ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME is a non-empty string and perhaps that the build timestamp is actually set.

[1] See the pair of
Hi Nick !

I think I can help on this ! I worked on a similar JSTest w/ margaret previously (see bug 1015395 and bug 1128287). So I think it is indeed a good next bug for me.

Assign me to it if you think I can help.

Thanks !
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I launch a try as soon as you have a positive feedback !
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Not yet tested (clobber was needed ... so it takes time) but should do the trick !

Review of attachment 8563778 [details] [diff] [review]:

Works for me!  Push a try build for warm fuzzy green feelings :)
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Not yet tested (clobber was needed ... so it takes time) but should do the trick !

Green build (apart from an another intermittent bug) !
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Not yet tested (clobber was needed ... so it takes time) but should do the trick !

>+add_task(function* testAppConstants() {
>+  do_check_true(AppConstants.ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME.length > 0);

Can we add this too, so we verify the substitution actually happened:

 do_check_true(AppConstants.ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME != "@ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME@");
I do that as soon as I get to my computer
Can't start a try: tree is closed
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The try, finally:
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rricard: I pushed a slightly different version that uses do_check_neq.  The advantage is that do_check_neq prints its arguments on failure, which will show what AppConstants.ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME is (null, "", garbage, etc).

Thanks for the patch and a green try build!  I don't have a ton of JS mentored bugs right now, but if you're interested in a Java bug, the following is a small one: Bug 1124193.  It might be too easy, though -- in which case ask in #mobile for a better ticket.  Thanks again!
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Thanks for the advice, I'll may take it !
I could help on the Java side too !
I also thought of working on bug 1065969 too... I think I'll do them sequentially
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