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mozAlarms and simplepush should report errors when registering with bad application setup




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3 years ago
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3 years ago
To receive alarms or simple push messages, a lot of conditions have to be met:

- You need to ask for the permissions in the manifest
- You need to declare where to send messages in the manifest
- You need to set an alarm or register an endpoint at the same URL that will receive the message (this is especially tricky)

If you fail to do all those 3 things, you will not receive the system message and you have no idea why. I got bitten by this twice and the first time I was lucky to sit next to people who implemented it.

I think navigator.push.register() and navigator.mozAlarms.add() should fail if those 3 conditions are not met. This will make app developers' lives much simpler.
I just hit similar issues with navigator.sync, so I would have appreciated this sort of requirements check.

I missed setting a "messages" entry in the manifest, so did not get mozSetMessageHandler('request-sync'...) calls. That API is further complicated by the navigator.sync taking a wakeUpPage URL that would be the entry point for the wakeup, so could be unclear the "messages" entry point was needed.
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