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4 years ago
There is currently no easy keyboard method to set the focus to the current tab.  As stated in the Shortcuts help doc, “Some of these shortcuts require the currently selected tab to be ‘in focus.’ Currently, the only way to do this is to select an adjacent object and ‘tab into’ the current tab, for instance, by hitting [Alt]+[D] to select the address bar, and then [Shift]+[Tab] twice.”  So this is an acknowledged inadequacy with an easy fix which no one has got round to implementing.

I propose [Ctrl]+[.] for a feature called ‘Pinpoint Tab’.  (Because the period is like a pin point. ;))  As well as setting the focus to the current tab it would ensure the tab label was visible on screen.  Currently, there is no easy way to do this, and the tab label needs to be visible in order to close the tab, move it to a new group, etc., whether via keyboard or mouse.

Note that some people with motor issues are unable to operate a mouse, and this should affect prioritising of this bug, as we want Firefox to have good accessibility.
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