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Block rndlnpshimswf.dll and rndlmainbrowserrecordplugin.dll


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Looking through the crash stats while protected mode was turned off on beta, I discovered a crash signature which was close to 20% of Flash crashes, mozilla::plugins::child::_getproperty

These crashes appear to all be caused by the realnetworks video downloader which is hooking into Flash somehow. See e.g.

I think we should straight-up block this DLL, since it's destined to always be a stability problem.

Chad, can you confirm my decision here?

dmajor, please verify that our DLL blocklist works in the plugin-container process and prepare the necessary patch for blocking these two DLLs.
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This could break a real use case that some people may want. Has there been any outreach to RealNetworks for a fix from their side?

These crashes are in the latest version ( from October 2014). Do you want to block all versions or just the latest? Either way has a potential downside.

From the technical side, plugin-container.exe does not currently use the blocklist. I tried hooking up a delayload mozglue but it messed up the fragile DLL balance of bug 1023941. I haven't yet figured out why.
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I don't care about the RealNetworks code working. Hitching a ride on the Flash plugin is not a good way to accomplish that use-case and there are Firefox extensions that solve the same problems without the hooking. Plus youtube is switching away from Flash in the near future anyway.
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So, plugin-container.exe contains a nontrivial amount of code and inevitably a bunch of it calls the malloc family. Linking to mozglue would violate the constraint at

Without a pressing need to install the blocklist super early, I'm not inclined to spend time dealing with the library relationships. I propose that we let xul.dll do the initialize call from XRE_InitChildProcess.
I tested that our asserts are still happy on XPSP2.
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I checked that these DLLs don't get loaded, and that the Real addon gracefully handles the failed loads.
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I checked that these DLLs don't get loaded, and that the Real addon gracefully handles the failed loads.
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Part 2 - Block rndlnpshimswf.dll and rndlmainbrowserrecordplugin.dll

I think we should block all versions.
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And just to avoid friction, r+ with ALL_VERSIONS.
as landed, with ALL_VERSIONS
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We've never release noted blocking DLLs before - is there something special about these two (very long-named) that makes us want to change that?  Should I be noting that the Real addon will be blocked from this version forward (which is also something we don't typically put in release notes).
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The RealDownloader will be blocked. Somebody may be deliberately using it, and may be surprised when it stops working. (Or maybe not, I don't know.) If these things are normally not mentioned, then ok.
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Ok, good to know.  As addon blocking is not something we release note, I'm removing the flag here.  NI? to Tyler so that UA has awareness that this may come up in feedback.
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