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Reader mode toolbar button is slow to appear


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Firefox 39
39.2 - 23 Mar
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firefox38 --- fixed
firefox39 --- fixed


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This is an issue madhava complained about, but I didn't see a bug go by yet.

Right now we wait until pageshow to start parsing the content:

We could probably try doing this on DOMContentLoaded instead.

This is an interesting issue because the UX is different than Android, where the reader mode icon replaces the stop button. On Android, if we know about the reader-mode-ability of a page before it's done loading, we still wouldn't show something to the user. But on desktop, we should try to make that reader mode button appear ASAP.
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With the change to avoid parse-on-load (bug 1139678), we could definitely show the button earlier. With my patch in bug 1139678, I'm only using the URL to decide whether or not to show the button, so we could even show it on location change, not pageshow.
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/r/5637 - Bug 1132674 - Show reader toolbar button on DOMContentLoaded instead of pageshow. r=Gijs

Pull down this commit:

hg pull review -r da77ba76b2e0284da630bb1dfec51b24ab9b8e68
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Is the DOMContentLoaded event fired when a page is reloaded from the bfcache?
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