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3 years ago
I think it would be useful/good to consider adding these back to the main Planet feed, for wider exposure and to keep more Mozillians/community informed/involved:
Perhaps a subset of these. Judging from first page: the mobile stuff seems kind of long and not as interesting; Firefox/Gecko delivery seems pithy and relevant; Thunderbird I'm on the fence about, maybe err on the side of inclusion; Mozilla Platform is the main thing I really want back in the main feed; Project should probably come back to the main feed; I don't care about SeaMonkey.
Seems like there is a lot of stuff here that is relevant to the community.
Security stuff feels like we should share more of.
Seems to be pretty good stuff!
How can something called The Mozilla Blog not be in the main Planet feed?

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3 years ago
Ok, I'm going to try this with, but I'm going to have to be cautious about it; the last time we tried to add hacks.m.o everything went basically insane, so I may need to back this change out pretty fast.

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3 years ago
The "Mozilla Security Blog" is still not at the main Planet feed.

I see no reasons for bringing it not back especially since it reports about such important topics like phasing out certificates with keys of lower security, distrusting some shady certificates, or the recent news about "Deprecating Non-Secure HTTP".

The official Mozilla blog about security should definitely be "main" and not on the Projects feed imo.


Same for the Mozilla Services Blog.
Do you really think posts like
shouldn't be in the main Planet feed?

Also it's not like both blogs post new articles every day...

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3 years ago
"The official Mozilla blog about security should definitely be "main" and not on the Projects feed imo.

Ok, I'll play your little game.

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