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Switch Text Direction Messes up Punctuation.


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(Reporter: Claire.buehler, Assigned: rginda)


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Build ID: 20140923175406

Steps to reproduce:

If you go the the menu and click the IRC drop down tab and click switch text direction. 

Actual results:

the line
<Username_>Hello World! 
turns into 
!Hello World <_Username>

I'm not sure that is what it should be doing but it seems strange also it messes with punctuation in peoples username

Expected results:

When you switch text direction it should go from 

<Username_> Hello World!
Hello World! <Username_>
This is likely invalid, or at least a Firefox issue (although I think the relevant Unicode specs probably agree with the behaviour here), since we're just setting dir="rtl" on <body> when you use this command ( It is entirely up to Firefox (Gecko) to render that, as it sees fit.
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