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[B2G] 'xpcshell-test' is not a testing option in mach command.


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After typing './mach help' in $B2G_PATH in m-c branch, 
I can not find "xpcshell-test" as one of the testing options in mach command 
which was available few weeks ago.

Is this a bug or do we have to run xpcshell-test by other commands?
BTW, I am running xpcshell-test in emulator(ics) and got error as followed:
$ ./mach xpcshell-test
It looks like you are trying to run an unknown mach command: xpcshell-test

Did you want to run any of these commands instead: mochitest?

Run |mach help| to show a list of commands.
Hi Ted,

Are you the right person for help to check this problem?
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In b2g's tools/, it set |require_conditions| to true. However, there is no specific |conditions| in |xpcshell-test| so the command is not registered when we run ./mach in b2g.

From testing/xpcshell/, the command |xpcshell-test| should be available in b2g or even android environment. I think we could add a condition that always return True.
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Add an always true condition for xpcshell-test

Review of attachment 8572445 [details] [diff] [review]:

I'm not a super big fan of this pattern. But it's a sufficient workaround.
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