Accounts created before December 2010 may have issues logging in. Please reset your password below. does NOT work


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:35.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/35.0
Build ID: 20150122214805

Steps to reproduce:

go to
log in with my username and password remembered by Firefox

Actual results:

gives a message: Please enter a correct username and password. Note that both fields are case-sensitive.

I click "My password isn't working"

gives message" Warning: Accounts created before December 2010 may have issues logging in. Please reset your password below.

Forgotten your password? Enter your email address below, and we'll send you instructions for setting a new one. 

I enter my email address, DO NOT receive email to reset password

Expected results:

log in should be successful with my correct password and/or should receive the email to reset password
Component: Untriaged → General
Product: Firefox →
Version: 35 Branch → unspecified
I don't see any user account with your email address in the system. Did you use a different email address?

Comment 2

3 years ago
I signed up with but updated the email to this in early 2013. obviously the system DID NOT save it or it lost it. the domain that my email account I signed up under no longer exists and I no longer have access to it, so I updated it.

(quite possibly a bug in 2013 that prevented the change from sticking)
There is no user with that email address either, or any with that domain.

There is however a user account with the username justinrpg that has an account. That account was created in March 2011, and last signed on in July 2013. I'm not going to put that email here for privacy reasons, but if it is yours I suspect you know what it is. If you aren't sure, PM me on irc (mythmon on, and I can help you privately.

Their is no password set for that account, so you'll need to go through the forgot password mechanism.

Comment 4

3 years ago
I do have a gmail account with my Android device, I bet you that it's it. I can probably take it from here

Comment 5

3 years ago
yep, got reset email to that gmail account and got in successfully. I didn't think I used my gmail for this. I rarely use gmail unless for social networking
Cool! Glad I could help. I'll close those bug out now.
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